Lizzy Johnston ︎

Eating Our Feelings Zine

The Atlanta food community is very dear to me. I met some of my most cherished friends while working as a server and food photographer. When Linda McNeil and I came up with the idea for this food zine to help raise money during the pandemic I underestimated the impact we could make. We started out with a modest goal of selling a couple hundred zines and thanks to our pal and fellow contributor, Austin L. Ray, we aimed higher and ended up selling 500 copies. We raised $7k for The Giving Kitchen. It feels really good to be able to give back to this community that I got and still get so much from. We worked with an incredible crew of artists and writers to fill the pages of Eating Our Feelings. There generous creativity left me feeling inspired. I’m very proud of this zine.

Featured Artists
Katie Greene
Sarah Lashinsky
Luke Webster
James Abercrombie
Amanda Schrembeck
Andrew Lawandus
Rachel Hortman
Ross Zietz
Estela Semeco

Katie Greene
Mattiel Brown
Carley Rickles
Kelly Cano
Bryn Rouse
David Sizemore
Elizabeth McNair
Linda McNeil
Lizzy Johnston
Jamie Hopper
Albrica Tierra
Bailey Garrot

Corinne Kocher
Audrey Pruitt
Dessa Lohrey
Michelle Dixey
Justin Weaver
Jodi Cash
Katie Lambert
Austin L Ray
Becca Grimm
Booke Hatfield
Rachael Maddux
Gray Chapman
Amelia Lerner
Brandon Chonko

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