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Customer Success Stories tell an immersive story that highlight the voices of real-life Mailchimp customers growing their business using Mailchimp, helps educate and inspire other Mailchimp customers by providing actionable, practical advice.

Azalea San Francisco, a boutique, shares the common small business difficulty of keeping pace with customer’s evolving preferences. They soon realized that most of what they wanted to accomplish could be done through Mailchimp’s landing pages. An extra 256 unique visitors arrived at their website through the landing pages product. Just putting products in the landing page directly made sales from the page itself.

17th Street Athletic Club set out to increase their number of subscribers and challenge-accepters. Through harnessing Mailchimp’s multi-channel marketing, they were able to grow their audience and get signups for the challenge. Landing pages, Facebook ads, and welcome automations were utilized by the Athletic club to increase their signups by 250%.

Underclub a women’s subscription shopping service, is using Mailchimp postcards and Facebook ads to bring conversion success and growth to their subscription-based business. They were able to grow their business 10x in one year. With a goal to acquire customers, Underclub is a great example of how a business may use postcards for a personal connection and Facebook ads to connect with particular audiences.

Roadie a delivery service, looked to send their customers timely personalized content. With Mailchimp’s API feature, they were able to organize their audience into segmented unique groups. Using this Mailchimp feature resulted in engaged community members and personalization at that scale.

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