Mailchimp Photography Style Guidelines

In 2021, I led the internal brand photography team in reimagining Mailchimp brand photography. We identified the various areas where Mailchimp uses photography - campaigns, product, fake brands, and documentary - and created a unique aesthetic for each segment. Through that work I wrote Mailchimp’s photography principles to create a common thread that weaves through our photography system.

Client: Mailchimp
Project: Mailchimp Photography Style GuidelinesRole: Art Director of Photography

Photo credits: Albrica Tierra, Jamie Hopper, Lizzy Johnston, Evan Sheehan, Jonpaul Douglass
Mailchimp & Co Brand Photography

In 2020, I consulted with the team that launched the creative direction for Mailchimp’s partner program, Mailchimp & Co. By spring we needed to produce a photoshoot during the pandemic. Working with R/GA, we executed our first fully remote photoshoot during COVID-19. Over Zoom I art directed four photography duos shooting in different parts of the United States, adhering to strict Covid guidelines.

Client: Mailchimp
Project: Mailchimp & Co Brand Photography Role: Art Director of Photography

Photo credits: Tropico Photo, The Marbles, Leda + Wade, Brian & Julia
Mailchimp Rebrand 2018

In 2018, Mailchimp rebranded with a new look to expanded beyond email and become a leading marketing platform for small businesses. This included a new logo, color palette, illustrations, photography and animation. I helped direct the look and feel for Mailchimp’s new photography style which included creating style guidelines, photographing Mailchimp customers and providing art direction to our in-house photo team and freelance photographers that helped make this launch possible.

Client: Mailchimp
Project: Mailchimp Rebrand 2018
Role: Art Director of Photography

Photo credits: Albrica Tierra, Jamie Hopper, Jody Cash, Lizzy Johnston, Sanja Marusic, Yumna Al-Arashi
Mailchimp Giphy Library

I concepted, art directed and lead severel of Mailchimp’s Giphy Library shoots, partnering closely with Luke Webster and Linda McNeil. The purpose of the library is to provide a bit of surprise and delight for our customers and support team.

Client: Mailchimp
Project: Mailchimp Giphy Library
Role: Art Director of Photography

Additional Art Direction: Luke Webster & Linda McNeil