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Talking about myself is awkward and not something I'm good at. I’d rather sit, ask you all the questions and do my best to divert all attention away from me. My inquisitive-introverted nature has given me optimal skills in observation. This characteristic is a natural fit for photography which is great because I love taking photos.

There are two main expressions that bubble up in my work — observation and experimentation. Photography is a way for me to stare longer than I am allowed to without saying much, noticing all the details and immersing myself in the beauty of the details. It’s also a space where I’m allowed to play and just see what happens. 

My fascination for photography was unwrapped when I was gifted a tiny, yellow Kodak camera at the age of 8. It took 110mm film and my mom quickly grew frustrated paying for the development of bad photos. Photography has been the longest love affair of my life. Happy to report that despite some hard times the love affair is still strong and still chugging along.

Currently working 9 to 5 as a Photo Art Director and Brand Photo Lead at Mailchimp.

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